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Photography is a vehicle for making the invisible, visible.  For revealing The Light that permeates everything. 

Portrait Photography

Each portrait session is well planned ahead of time, so we can be spontaneous during our photo shoot.  I'll invite you to Relax. Have fun. And most importantly BE yourself!  Clients that often start sessions with "I hate to have my picture taken," end by saying "Wow! I really enjoyed myself!"  Nearly all my work is outdoors, enabling us to connect with nature and inviting your heart to shine in your images.

Nature Photography

I’ve spent an delightful amount of time exploring the wild open spaces of Marin County. The daily demands of motherhood dictate that I am often not photographing at the “golden hour,” when the light is at it’s finest from a photographic standpoint. Thus, I must search for the extraordinary in the ordinary; find the sacred in the mundane.

Often walking in solitude (mostly with just my iPhone camera), I feel that I am on a quest for magic concealed in the margins of dusty fire roads, and dried-out river beds. When nature is abundant with verdant wildflowers, cumulus clouds or magical mushrooms -- then my curiosity becomes how to see these visual delights from unique perspectives.

No matter the climate or conditions, I am always in awe of the power of nature to elevate a low mood, boost creativity or expand my awareness. I’m also beginning to learn the medicinal use of native plants, which has only served to deepen my profound veneration of Mother Earth.

It is my sincerest wish that  as you view the images in the Nature Gallery, it will remind you that nature offers much in the way comfort and healing; she is always a perfect antidote and counter-point to the stress and pace of our modern lives. May each of us grow in our appreciation and reverence for what sustains us; and may we feel connected to each other knowing that we too are a part of this delicate, and powerful web of life.

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