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About Me


What I LOVE about photography

Simply put:  it is a vehicle for making the invisible, visible. 

For revealing The Light that permeates everything. 

Some people call it Shiva/Tao/God, the mystery, universal life force, love, the divine...whatever you want to call it, I love to find it in both nature and in people, then capture it photographically.

What's it like to work with Me?

Each portrait session is well planned ahead of time, so we can be spontaneous during our photo shoot.

I'll invite you to Relax. Have fun. And most importantly BE yourself.  

Clients that often start sessions with "I hate to have my picture taken," end by saying "Wow! I really enjoyed myself!"

Nearly all my work is outdoors, enabling us to connect with nature and inviting your heart to shine in your images. Natural lighting is also very flattering.

And something personal...

My 7-year old son is my finest guru. Hiking in Nature is absolute Darshan for me.  I have a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, and I love to paint as a form of meditation.

Hoping to #findthesacred in everything.

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