I'm not totally sure when I started using a camera...sometime in my childhood.  My father loved cameras, and I remember always having one in my hand growing-up.  I was the yearbook photographer in High School,  and would show-up at every event ready to document the action.  My passion was derailed by the belief I should do something that would "earn money" -- so I went off and got a Marketing Degree, and a successful career in Business. 

In 2000, after a many years of "earning good money", a friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer and a beloved family member died.  It was a real shock, and called our cozy lifestyle into question.  My husband and I decided to travel the world for the next three years, in search of answers to our deepest questions.  Once again, my camera was by my side every step of the way. 

When I returned from this adventure, I began to attract clients for my portrait work, sold my travel prints as both fine art and for fundraising endeavors.  Slowly, I began to build my business.  I photographed weddings, kids and families, and a wide range of events for the decade to follow (my favorite was Billy Jean King -- she is an INSPIRATIONAL woman). In addition to my budding business, I also became passionately involved in a painting process that served as form of self-inquiry and radical creativity.

Several years ago, I decided to focus and develop my professional portrait offering.  What I loved most about photography was getting to know someone deeply.  The Professional Branding Sessions were a natural extension of this: to capture a person's truest self and the gifts they were bringing into the world. 

When I'm not behind a camera --- the role of motherhood {fu}-fills my time, it's the best responsibility I've ever been given.  I'm still passionate about creativity and painting, and have added Buddhist study and yoga practice to the mix.  I'm blessed to be married to a wonderfully adorable man for nearly 20 years, and lucky enough to call Marin County our home.


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