Leaf Bridge


How do I book a session with you? 

Call/text me at 415.444.6188 or Email me! Let me know what you are looking for and when you need your images. 

What should I wear? 

Clothing and styling is a powerful part of your message. I can provide specific recommendations on what to wear for your session. Check out these tips for some ideas.  In addition, I love to collaborate with colorists and stylists/personal shoppers if you don't have the time to go shopping for the perfect outfit. 

What about hair or make-up?

I work with a wonderful make-up and hair stylist and yes, I do recommend this--even if you don't normally wear much make-up. Professional make-up and hair can elevate your presence on camera, conveying confidence and authority. 

Can you recommend a location?

Yes! I have been photographing in Marin County for over 10 years, and have wonderful places that I can suggest based on what message you want to convey, lighting and time of year. 

Do you shoot indoors and outdoors?

Yes! My preference is outdoors, and I also have a set of lights that I can use for your indoor location. 

Do you work with web designers?

I love collaborating with others, and can recommend great designers if you don't have one.

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